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Did You Know?

One out of every 12 adults has some amount of hearing loss. For those 65 or older the ratio is 1 out of 3! Hearing loss can be so gradual you may not realize what sounds around you have faded away. Call today for your personalized diagnostic hearing evaluation and bring the sound of life back to your everyday!

Did You Know statistics indicate that bungee jumping has only about two in ONE MILLION chances of fatal accidents. So, in reality, it is really very safe when done correctly. It's easy to bungee jump! For those patients who fear wearing hearing aids..think about stepping off the bungee platform and then the idea of stepping into using hearing aids won't seem near as scary! Opening your world to sound is similar to bungee jumping....scary at first but when you get used to the "feel" of it you wonder what you were so afraid of before you tried it


Audiology Dr. Vowell Bungee Jumping in Oregon!

Patient Services

Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
 for Adults
Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations for Infants and Children

Hearing Aid Evaluation, Sales, & Fitting for Adults and Children Hearing Aid Repair for All Major Manufacturers



Dizzy/Vertigo Evaluation
Canalith Repositioning Treatment Vestibular Rehabilitation

Cerumen Management/Ear Wax Removal

Monitoring for Ototoxic Drug Therapy/Cancer Patients
Customized Hearing Protection for Noise & Shooters Plugs
Custom Musician Plugs & In Ear
Custom Plugs for Cell Phones, iPods, Swimming, & Sleeping!

Business Services
Expert Witness Case Review & Trial Testimony
Professional Speaking Presentations for Community Events

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