Quick Hearing Check


The following hearing loss check is a means of quickly assessing if you possibly have a hearing loss requiring referral for an objective hearing test and possible hearing solution. This screening is related to objective measures of hearing loss using audiological equipment. In step #1 you are asked to respond to 15 items related to your hearing. In step #2 you will score your hearing and in step #3 you will be able to compare yourself to 2,304 adults with hearing loss.

Instructions – Step #1

With respect to your hearing, please think about your experiences with each of the following WITHOUT the use of hearing aids or other devices designed to help you hear better. For each item, indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree (select one number for each item).


Instructions Step 2

Add up scores in each columns scored 1-4

Instructions Step 3

How Does Your Hearing Loss Score Compare to Adults with Hearing loss? In adding up your responses to the 15 items you are now able to compare your scores to adults who have a hearing loss. The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) collected this information based on the responses from a representative sample of 2,304 people with hearing loss, ages 50 and above, using the National Family Opinion Panel in 1999.
First, locate your total score in column 1; Column 2 tells you how your hearing loss compares to adults with hearing loss; Column 3 tells how your significant other views the hearing loss; Column 4 tells you what hearing solution action is needed.

If any concern exists regarding your hearing abilities or those of a family member or loved one, call your Tulsa Audiologist, The Hearing Doctor office at 918-779-7500 to schedule a diagnostic hearing evaluation.